Vectrus Systems Corporation Chief Engineering in Colorado Springs, Colorado

POSITION SUMMARY:Provides efficient, effective and timely civil engineering expertisesupporting the development, design and program management of Moron ABprojects as part of the Civil Engineering Directorate operations. Interfaceswith customer-civil engineering/contracting management personnel as requiredto resolve Moron AB engineering services customer support issues. Accomplishesother administrative tasks as required to ensure effective contractor civilengineering services customer support to Moron AB.MAJOR JOB ACTIVITIES:1. Complies with guidance provided in Air Force Instruction 32-1023, Designand Construction Standards and Execution of Facility Construction Projects,in addition to specific contractual guidance, in the accomplishment ofdesign services. Responsible for the preparation and development of projectprogramming documentation and designs to account for all known conditions andconstraints, to allow for maximum flexibility, and to ensure adherence toall building codes, regulatory laws and safety standards as contractuallydefin2. Maintains full responsibility for design requirements of all projectsexcept Military Construction (MILCON) and projects designed by otheragencies in accordance with base support agreements. Provides functional,technical programming and design reviews, coordination and support forMILCON and projects designed and executed by others. Reviews out-sourced orsub-contracted design and engineering requirements for accuracy andcompletenes3. Identifies and validates project design requirements with all project teammembers and applicable external organizations (safety, security, ADA,etc.) and the end user to further refine and coordinate project requirementsand criteria identified during project programming. Coordinates completeddesign process with the end user. 5%4. Completes a thorough design analysis, in conjunction with staff andcontracted Engineering Services (A&E) professional engineers for allelements of facility projects including but not limited to electrical,mechanical, civil, structural, lighting, communication,architectural, and environmental issues. Provides comprehensive conceptualdesign, schematic design and design development addressing all known aspectsof the work affecting functional requirements, material performance and system5. Prepares and maintains project programming and design documentation thataccurately tracks design sequence and rationale of design decision,parametric cost estimates for various design phases, decisions on buildingmaterials and other pertinent project information. Responsible for, as wellas preform on-site inspection of construction projects and the write-upinspection reports. 20%6. Ensures accurate and timely updates of master facility drawings andinfrastructure maps. Obtains and provides on-going updates of as-builtdrawings and real property records of base real property facilities andinfrastructure. Maintains and provides centralized storage of as-builtdrawings, construction drawings and specifications for Moron AB projects aswell as a search and inventory catalog file for all CADD and GeographicInformation System (GIS) files. 25%7. Works closely with USAF Contracting personnel to ensure requirementssupporting USAF-contracting procured construction and renovation projects areexpressed accurately and comprehensively in design documents and that work isaccomplished to a high level of quality.5%8. Participates in meetings as required by Civil Engineering Directorateleadership to review project design and construction issues withUSAF-Contracting and applicable design construction contractors, andfacilitates solution. 5%9. Works closely with, and as a minimum, providesCivil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering and Architectural assistance tothe Operations Engineering Section in the review of facility operations andmaintenance issues, and in the effective accomplishment of contractualenergy/utility management requirements. 5%10. Performs other duties and assignmen