BrightView Landscape Services, Inc. Gardener (Laborer) in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We currently have 50 opening(s) for Gardener(s). The salary for thesejob opening(s) is $14.00 - Negotiable DOE per hour.We are accepting applications for these position(s) between 03/01/18and 10/31/2018. Applicants should possess the following minimalqualificationsFor immediate hire: Gardeners are responsible for cutting lawns usingvarious sized power mowers, trimming and edging using a gas powerededger/trimmer, operating a gas powered blower, trimming shrubs and lowtrees to shape and improve growth or to remove damaged leaves, branches,or twigs using shears, pruners, or gas powered hedge trimmers, pick upleaves, trash, and cut grass and placing them onto burlap and placing ontoa truck or trailer. Driver's license is not required.We are drug free and an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminatebased on an individual s status as a protected class member. If any of yourclients are interested in applying for employment and require specialassistance with the application process, please let our branch front officestaff know. Please let us know on your cover letter or resume that you foundout about this job from Connecting Colorado.