Vanguard Skin Specialists, LLC MEDICAL SCRIBE in Colorado Springs, Colorado

WITH TRAINING TO JOIN CLINICAL TEAM AS A MEDICAL ASSISTANT We make a positive impact on our patients, our community, and the worldat large. -- That statement is a key part of our operating principles,and it is the motivation behind what we do. We are seeking a Medical Scribewho shares this motivation and will help create an amazing patient experience.Who We Are:(1) We are a multi-provider medical practice with a set of operatingprinciple that guide us -- excellence in patient care, one-team mentality,making a positive impact in this world. We believe we are the best at what wedo(2) We are fanatical about providing the best patient care withoutcompromise. Our teams, come in early and stay late to ensure patientconcerns are addressed and our schedule is fully optimized for our patientsand providers. We take care of our patients the way we would want ourchildren, parents, and grandparents cared for. We work long, challengingdays to make this happen. We expect you to help us sustain this level ofexcellence(3) We run a remarkably efficient and busy clinic. You will need to jugglemany tasks while maintaining efficiency and ensuring all the small details areaccounted for. Super human organization and attention to detail is a must.(4) We operate as one team. Our patients and your team members will counton you to be here, every single day, on time. If you have ever worked in ateam environment, you understand how important that dedication is to yourteam, as well as to your personal success.(5) We believe it is possible to change the world. We give generously ofour time and resources locally and around the world.Job and Ideal Candidate: We are looking for an outstanding candidate to join our clinical team. Ourdiverse team includes:- Team members who are applying to PA school or medical school- Graduates from Colorado College, UCCS, UC Boulder, and elsewhere- Runners, rock climbers, book worms, musicians, introverts, and extroverts We re a diverse group with one shared passion -- provide the absolutebest medical care to our patients. If you are preparing for PA or medical school, you will gain clinicalexperience working in a fast paced environment. Typical candidates have a high GPA, active involvement on campus or inthe community, and are bound for grad school. We don t require prior experience. We do require an unwaveringcommitment to excellence. We need a promise from you to push yourself tobecome the very best. We ll train you and help you get there. Our scribes and Medical Assistants at Vanguard have a high degree ofresponsibility. Our team cares for patients from the beginning to the end ofeach visit, taking care of everything from intake, to assisting themedical provider, to documenting visits, to handling labs andprescriptions. Our top MAs take on additional responsibilities across thepract If you are part of our pre-health program, you will also receiveguidance and mentoring as you apply for grad school.Qualifications: Bachelor s degree completed at accredited 4-year university, orequivalent work experience. Proven track record of working well on teams and delivering excellence. Excellent verbal and written skills required. Customer service experiencea plus. Alignment with the values and mission of Vanguard Skin Specialists.Schedule:This is a full-time position with business hours Monday to Friday, and someSaturdays. You will work across multiple offices (North Colorado Springs,South Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and Pueblo)Reviews:Vanguard believes in providing regular feedback. A verbal review is providedat 90 days, and the first written review with potential for compensationadjustment takes place at 6 months. Annual reviews include supervisor and peerreviews.You will be brought on initially as a medical scribe, and you will undergotraining over your first 6 months of employment. After passing your onlinecertification provided by Vanguard, you will gain the title of MedicalAssistant (MA).The practice promotes fr