Bryan Construction Superintendent in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Position DescriptionThe responsibilities of this position are diverse. Depending on project sizeand other challenges, the Superintendent may be responsible for entire jobstart to finish and/or other areas ranging from foundation, structure andfacade through MEP to interior rough and finish. The Superintendent's roleis one of leader, coach, negotiator and arbitrator with leadership beingcritical to the project's performance.Top Five ResponsibilitiesSafetyQualityScheduleBudgetAssures BCI operational standardsProject Start-Up/Turnover MeetingIdentify pre-mobilization activities in conjunction with the SeniorSuperintendent and the Project ManagerDevelop start-up schedule with the Project Manager and send to the SeniorSuperintendent for reviewSchedulingAssist in formulating and implementing construction schedules in the fieldEstablish and implement the Project Baseline Schedule based on the projectcontracts and subcontractor input, taking into account any elements thatmight impact the scheduleMaintain the schedule and ensure that work performed is consistent with thecontract and will meet or exceed client expectationsUpdate project schedule monthlyProvide progress report with the three-week look ahead of schedule to theProject Manager and the field staffSafetyEnsure that all subcontractors participate in a safety pre-constructionmeeting prior to starting work on the projectReview the project daily to ensure that all activities are being performed inaccordance with all OSHA and governing requirements and the project sirespecific safety planQuality ManagementEnsure that all pertinent benchmarks for the project are established andinserted in the baseline scheduleEnsure that all appropriate individuals become members of the Q-TeamEnsure that all 1st delivery inspections and benchmark inspections occur perthe baseline schedule so as not to impact the progression of the subsequentworkEnsure that the inspections are approved, documented, and communicated tothe project teamSub-Contractor and Site Management throughout the projectManage site pre-construction including pre-construction survey, job siteutilization and staging plansMobilize the field office and maintains the job site to Bryan standardsOrganize documentation of the job site utilizing Bluebeam Revue for easyaccess and reviewManage subcontractor performance to quality and ethical standardsWork with PM to identify and resolve personnel issues and construction processrevisionsManage all phases of the construction process including documenting andreporting site activities and progressMeeting ManagementAttend project turnover, mobilization, and project coordination meetingsAttend/chair safety pre-construction meetingsAttend/chair weekly foreman and safety meetingsAttend/chair monthly schedule review meetingsAttend/chair closeout meetingsAttend owner meetingsAttend/chair subcontractor meetings and any others necessary to monitor andmanage the projectAdministrative ManagementComplete and implement construction office checklists including emergencyphone listsComplete daily reports and maintain logs of key activities, files, andshop drawingsManage the quality and condition of all material deliveriesMaintain required safety reporting and all other required files to BryanstandardsEnsure that as-built working drawings are maintainedProject CloseoutManage subcontractor closeout, transfer of utilities, owner training,and punch listFor more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below.Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications throughour website.